& Investors


We contribute to the financing of projects with a future


Fosterfin analyses and validates the objectives of the Business Plan, while developing an efficient financing strategy.


Fosterfin analyses the business drivers necessary to maximise each company’s Value Proposition: core markets, competitive advantage, value-adding strengths. It also defines the formulas needed to boost them through financing: corporate transactions, M&A, investment and divestment of assets.


Fosterfin contributes to the repositioning of a company in a market,  by analysing its value creation potential, the momentum needed and the most efficient entry method. In each case, it develops the financing structure which optimises business strategy.


We find value proppositions


Multinationals, large companies, financial or industrial groups


Private Equity companies, Funds, Venture Capital


Private companies and Investors


Acquisition of strategic assets


Integration of new business or product lines


Strengthening of Internationalisation


Diversification of business activities


Analysis and Validation of opportunities with expert knowledge of every industry


Origination and Support  during the complete life cycle of every opportunity


Design and  implementation of the best financing strategy for maximizing the value of the Opportunity


Fosterfin identifies companies that follow business strategies which generate long-term value and which need to finance their growth through investments.


Fosterfin provides alternatives in order to optimise investment via participation in business projects whose business strategies are undergoing important changes and which need financing to be able to complete the process.  


Fosterfin helps investors to get the maximum return on their investments, by identifying the profit-taking options in those successful projects which have established an efficient and profitable strategy.